A spectacular collection of breath-taking aerial photographs of the Earth’s surface – from the Bahamas to Iceland, New Zealand to North America and Europe to Alaska – ordered by color to display the stunning variety of the the Earth's hues.  
From bubbling mud pools, volcanic eruptions, coral reefs and deserts to eroded canyons and arctic glaciers, images are accompanied by short captions explaining how, where and why the formations naturally occur. 
An ideal holiday gift book, for anyone interested in presenting the planet in an astonishing new, awe inspiring light.  
EarthArt contains 150 astounding full-page photographs of the Earth’s surface.  
From tropical turquoise seas to icy blue glaciers; from lush green forests to rivers turned green by microscopically small algae. Yellow is the colour of desert sands as well as of sulphur crystals found near active volcanoes, while orange is the colour both of autumn leaves and of weathered rock: iron elements in the earth’s crust react with the oxygen and humidity in the air, producing shades from gold and rust right through to blood red. Red can also be a sign of intense heat, in the form of magma emerging from the earth’s core. Violet-coloured rock is very rare, requiring the presence of sunlight as well as several different minerals.'

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