Embroidered Letter Kit

Take your time and "write" a letter to someone special by stitching sweet words onto this piece of organic cotton notebook "paper." Complete with button hole- holes get it? Tell them how you feel and be as crafty with your words as you are with your hands. Include it in a campers care package and hope to get a finished stitched letter in the mail back - fingers crossed or cross stitched! Ok, now done with the lame puns! Will you stitch a favorite quotation? Or perhaps a poem? Your math homework or a grocery list Expert stitching skills not required - the more handmade it looks, the more sincere your words. A great gift for, anyone who likes to sew or knit or someone who will appreciate your craftiness!

Each kit includes: One piece of organic cotton notebook "paper" with edges hemmed under, three carefully sewn buttonholes in the margin, blue lines across the page, and a vertical red line for the left margin. One skein of gray pencil-colored embroidery floss - plenty for a short paragraph. One needle. Organic cotton is soft to the touch and machine washable! 

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