Canning & Storage Jar. Each storage and canning jar is available in .5L(16.75 oz pint) or 1L (33.75 ounces) or 2L sizes
Luminarc is dish washer safe and highly resistant. During the manufacturing process, numerous tableware items (plates, dishes, bowls, cups and some glasses) go through a specific thermal treatment called tempering in order to guarantee a better mechanical and thermal resistance. Two to  three times stronger (depending on the item) than most items of similar thickness, tempered Luminarc products are  therefore able to withstand numerous shocks.
Established in 1825, the Verrerie Cristallerie d'Arques became Arc International in September 2000. A fitting name for a group whose products have been applauded throughout the world!
And for a very good reason... Arc International manufactures glass and lead crystal items on an industrial scale, while preserving the tradition inherited from the Master glassblowers - the assurance of quality!  

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