Yasuhiro Saito founded the company in the year 1946 after working as an apprentice to a paper manufacturer. In 1949, after a period of wartime rationing, the production of paper products fully began under the brand name 'LIFE'. Many products were quickly developed and were peddled on the streets by bicycle and bicycle drawn carts before eventually being sold to department stores and other retailers. In 1963, the name was once again changed to the current name of Life Co., Ltd. LIFE is particularly famous in Japan for the very high quality of its paper and bindings. LIFE’s products are made in small workshops around Tokyo allowing a degree of sensitivity and care that is difficult to imagine – even the glue is changed daily to accommodate changes in humidity and keep a consistent sound to the page as it tears from the book. We're very honored to make the international debut of this collection.

Category: journals, made in Japan, notebooks

Vendor: Life

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