The gift that keeps on giving, this soap cleans everything in the house... and we do mean everything: floors (just 2 tablespoons in hot water and no need to rinse), copper and silver (3-4 tablespoons in a bowl of hot water, soak and voila), windows, laundry, barbeques, dogs, brushes and so much more. In the garden this soap will even protect plants from bugs, mites, etc. A truly magical elixir that is safe for babies and pets.

Marius Fabre is a family run business based in Salon de Provence. They’ve been creating genuine Marseilles soap using age old, traditional soap making methods that have been passed down through generations, their recipes date back to the Middle Ages. Marius Fabre only uses the best quality natural products, which are healthy and environmentally-friendly, and they never test their products on animals.

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