Opinel No.9 Oyster Knife

The Opinel Oyster and Shellfish Foragers knife is quite different from the line up of other knives from Opinel. The 6.5cm 12C27 modified Sandvik Stainless Steel Blade has been shaped specially to deal with the opening of oysters and shellfish, so there is no sharp edge, although the blade of this foragers knife is pointy and sturdy, meaning it will make light work of opening oysters without damaging the knife or the oyster itself.  The Virobloc safety system locks the blade or closed, but the hinge on the knife has been left lose, making it easy to open or close in cold, wet conditions, such as when foraging along the seashore. The varnished bubinga wood handle has a lovely finish and beautiful grain and has been chosen for its superior moisture resistance.

Category: knives, made in France, outdoors

Vendor: Opinel

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