When I was 11 I travelled cross country by train with my mom.  It was an amazing trip of mineral spas, horse riding and mirage unicorns.  I bought this incense set back then and have thought about it loads since.  It is a pleasure to find it again and be able to share this evocative and calming scent.
Pinon is an evergreen tree that grows along the foot hills of Californian's desert mountains, east to Arizona, New Mexico and Texas, and north to Wyoming. This tree produces a cone that bears edible seeds harvested in the late fall. When burned, the smoke is a soft slightly sweet smell of the Pinon that fill the air in towns and villages throughout New Mexico.
Small Teepee Incense Burner made from Native Pinon in New Mexico. It comes comes with a box of 20 Pinon Incense bricks. As Smoke pours out of the chimney hole it takes you back to camp fires and conjures the desert.  

Pin It Fancy

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