The Book of the Kiss is a collection of quotes from various writers including D.H. Lawrence and H.G. Wells relating to the kiss compiled by A.L. Humphreys
Lovely gem of a book replete with red ribbon binding, and complete with printed envelope to send to your sweetie, this compendium of kiss-related quotes is an indulgence for those of a true romantic disposition yet droll enough for it to resonate with cynics alike!
"No girl wants to live on bread and cheese and kisses if she is also expected to furnish the bread and cheese."
'A man may sometimes be forgiven the kiss to which he is not entitled, but never the kiss he has not the initiative to claim'
'The Heart of Marylebone,' by 'Handasyde'
The book of the Kiss was first published 1914 this is a reprint of that original. Illustrated with several fine eighteenth century engravings. Printed on recycled paper.

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